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Overview of icon visual stylesMonitor icon


Clock icon - Regular style


Clock icon - DH style


Clock icon - Flat style


Clock icon - Linear style


Clock icon - Mono style


Clock icon - Mini style

Snipicons are grouped into 6 styles that follow specific, predefined rules, designed and optimized for easy styling and theme customization. The difference is not only in design style but also the technology and usage of SVG elements.

Styles dictate the compatibility of icons to different mediums and applications. For instance; all icons can be used in web and printing, but only MONOs and MINIs can be used in 3D printing or exported as web fonts.

Regular icons

Regular icons are stylized, designed to be as simple as possible, using the least amount of elements and theming. Gradients have maximum of 3 stop colours and strokes thicknesses are restricted. All regular icons have a black closing outline. Maximum glyph size is 44 mm or 440 units.

High definition icons (HD)

As the name suggest this icons are quite detailed and have higher number of components. HD icons use all features of SVG. They follow the viewBox and drawing precision settings set for all icons. Maximum glyph size is 46 mm.

Flat icons

In flat icons all elements are closed paths, have a minimum of two colours. Gradients, filters and strokes are not used.

Linear icons

Linear (or outlined) icons are designed using only strokes. Stroke sizes are identical to the regular style.

Mono icons

Mono icons are composed of a single closed path, and only consist of a FILL colour and the glyph geometry. Can be exported as a web font. Every icon in our library has a mono version.

Mini icons

Mini icons are simplified version of Mono icons which are designed to be readable when used in extra small sizes.

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